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Vintage Hire Information Page

We are specialists in the supply, set-up and tuning for many of the world’s renowned recording artists and have numerous recording credits to our name (see our links page).

Ludwig Chrome SnareWe also stock beautiful kits for Film & Video Shoots eg Ludwig Champagne, Silver or Gold Sparkle, Gretsch White Marine Pearl, Slingerland Black Diamond Pearl, Camco White etc.

We have many years of experience working in the worlds finest recording studios and venues assisting record producers, engineers and drummers to achieve the sounds that they are seeking using drums from our vintage or modern ranges or simply set-up & tuning for superb endorsee companies such as DW, Yamaha, Premier, etc.

Choose from our vast selection of snares including Ludwig 400’s, 402’s, Black Beauty, Pioneer, Jazz Festival, Hammered Bronze, Noble & Cooley, Slingerland 40’s Radio King, Rogers, Gretsch Round Badge, Gretsch ‘70’s, Stop Sign, Ludwig & Ludwig ’20’s Pioneer, Premier 2000, Yamaha Bamboo etc.

Our kits are chosen from Gretsch 50’s Round Badge through to Ludwig Super Classics, Hollywood & Downbeat, Sonor, Camco, Yamaha & Rogers.

We provide Zildjian, Sabian and Istanbul Cymbal sets if required

We also offer a one-stop service providing all accessories for touring & sessions including metronomes, sticks, heads, snare wires, gaffa tape, batteries etc….

Hire Rates

All kits are charged at £100 per day OR £400 per week + VAT

All snares are charged at £30 per day OR £120 per week + VAT

Optional snare rate: Two snares all inc. at £40 per day OR £160 per week +VAT

Cymbal sets are charged at £40 per day OR £160 per week

We supply Drum Workshop or Bigdog Hardware with our kits

Please call our office for delivery/collection rates and availability of kits on +44 1255 221137 or email.

Please note: We are always searching for quality stock….We buy, trade & sell

Non Account Holders: All hirers must provide POSITIVE Proof of Address(ID/Driving Licence with 2 recent Utility Bills)
All rentals & deposits must be paid in advance by Visa or Cheque…..Goods will NOT be released until funds are cleared…no matter how desperate the situation…sorry!

Vintage DrumYard Hire Terms & Conditions

1 – The Hirer Shall:

(a) Pay the said hire/rent in advance on the signing of this agreement/weekly in advance/immediately on the termination of the hire.
(b) Use the Goods only for the purpose for which they are designed.
(c) Maintain the Goods in the same working condition and appearance and state of pair as they now are and in default of so doing pay to the Owner on demand the cost of putting the same in such condition appearance and state of repair howsoever any damage may be caused.
(d) In the event of loss of the Goods or any item thereof from whatsoever cause forthwith pay to the Owner the cost of replacement thereof which cost is indicated in the Schedule hereto.
(e) Not part with the possession of the Goods or any item thereof.
(f) Not attempt to assign the benefit of this agreement.
(g) Immediately on request advise the Owner of the whereabouts of the Goods.
(h) Not pledge the Goods or any item thereof nor allow the same to be taken in execution.
(i) Return the Goods to the Vintage Drumyard representative or premises aforesaid upon the date of termination of the hiring and in default of so doing pay to the Owner by way of liquidated Damages in respect of each subsequent day a sum equivalent to the hire rent payable in respect of each day during the period of the hiring. Such sums to be paid without prejudice to the Owner’s right to greater Damages for such default in the event of greater loss.
(j) Responsibility for insurance and liability for, loss or damage to equipment rests entirely with the customer.

2 – This agreement shall determine forthwith (without prejudice to any antecedent claim of the Owner) and the Goods may forthwith be repossessed by the Owner in any one or more of the following events:

(a) The Commission by the Hirer of an act of bankruptcy or his entry into any agreement with his general body of creditors.
(b) The breach by the Hirer of any stipulation herein contained and on his part to be observed and performed.

3 – The Hirer hereby declares:

(a) That he is of eighteen years of age or more.
(b) That he is otherwise legally entitled to enter into this agreement on his own or (if he shall enter into the same on behalf of another individual or on behalf of other individuals or a limited company) that he has full authority to do so.


Unless specified otherwise on the invoice settlement terms are, 30 days strictly net. Thereafter accounts become overdue.

The Vintage Drumyard reserves the right to charge interest on any overdue account at the rate of 2% per month.

The Vintage Drumyard will also be entitled to reimbursement of all external or additional costs and expenses reasonably incurred in the enforcement of its rights under this clause including but not limited to, the payment of agency and legal fees and expenses whether incurred before or after the legal proceedings.