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Hayman Gold Ingot 20/13/16 early 70’s

As soon as I see a Gold Hayman kit I immediately have a visual picture of my favourite drummer Simon Kirke performing with the worlds best ever band ‘FREE’ at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970.(see
Simon still has that kit which is amazing in itself!

We are trying to locate a 14″ x 5.5″ Gold Ingot snare to match his kit if you know of one… I’ll have it and it’s brother for my collection… so hand them over and pat yourself on the back for being a fine generous person!

These kits were designed by Ivor Arbiter and his team of merry men and built in Shoeburyness, Essex down near Saaarfend out of old whelk stalls whilst dodging artillery fire on the marshes… cor blimey (not quite but, you get the picture)?
The brand name came from one of Ivor’s workers George Haymon. It all began as a collaboration with J.E.Dallas who produced Carlton drums resulting in Dallas Arbiter.

Ivor was a marketing genius and an ideas man who motivated the UK drum world entirely on his own it seemed. He was also responsible for importing Ludwig from the US to his ‘Drum City’ shop in Shaftesbury Ave, WC2 and gave Ringo his now famous 20/12/14 Black Oyster Pearl kit in 1963.

He came up with the 5 layers of polyurethane ‘vibrasonic’ coating inside the shells as a direct copy of the white Ludwig interiors. Local drummer to our base, the late Alf Bigden was one of the first to use them backing Shirley Bassey.

Nice drums with quality chromed hardware which stands up to this day (the nutboxes are similar to early Camco sets)
Unfortunately the over elaborate tom holder or “knucklecruncher” design let them down unless you are (un)fortunate enough to possess 3 hands and 2 mates on standby to help adjust them.

This apart, it is a beautiful kit and a fine piece of UK drum history.

If you’d like to buy this kit, use this contact form or call 01255 221 137: