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Hayman `Dollymixture` 22 12 13 16 early 70’s era

Here we have a beautiful Hayman ‘Dollymixture’ kit in sizes 22/12/13/16.All shells have the Vibrasonic interior coating.

Called the ‘Dollymixture’ because of the mix of colours as you maybe aware?

You are viewing the original kit that Bob Henrit used during his days with ‘Argent’ for ‘Hold Your Head Up’ and consequent tours during the 70s.

Hayman endorsers included Jon Hiseman and local drummer, the late Alf Bigden who played for Frank Sinatra,Tony Bennett & Shirley Bassey on many TV shows during the 50s,60s &.70s.

If you’d like to buy this kit, use this contact form or call 01255 221 137: