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Ludwig Transition Badges 14×5 Supraphonic 1958

You cannot beat the warm, crisp tones of the Ludwig WFL Chrome over Brass shell 14×5. This snare dates from 1958 before Ludwig changed the shells to Ludalloy during the 60s period. Fitted with the P-83 strainer this drum is choke free at full volume and at full power.

It is to this day, the most recorded snare in musical history as it was used extensively during the 60s & 70s on almost all recordings during this period. It is known in music circles as “the Gadd snare”… I take it you all know about “the hand of Gadd”? Listen to any of Steves’ work during that era and you’ll know exactly what you need to complete your session. Tuned high or low they sound fantastic…we have 18 in our hirestock from the ’50s to the ’70s..NONE ARE FOR SALE however!

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