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Ludwig ‘402’ 14×6.5 Bonham snare

The Classic Ludwig 402 14×6.5 along with the 400 Supraphonic are to me, the best snare drums ever produced… tuned high or low they are fantastic.

We have these in stock from the 60’s,70’s & 80’s in our Studio Hire Dept. Known to most these days as the John Bonham snare we pay tribute to the man and Mick Hinton, Bonzo’s trusted tech, for allowing so many of us to steal his knowledge and pass it off as ours, so, in honour of this we set all of our 402s up in exactly the same way that Mick did… a Remo Reverse Dot CS Batter Head and 42 strand Wires… They sound absolutely amazing!!

In our desire to emulate Bonham our R&D dept is designing a Bass Drum Pedal driven by a Jap engine so that we all have a chance of getting somewhere close to that sweet right foot of his…. we’ll keep you posted!!

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