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Camco 14 x 5 White Marine Pearl Aristocrat Snare 1961

Originally designed by George H.Way whilst running his own drum company, his hardware suppliers, Camco, bought a controlling interest and very sadly gave him the big old heave ho, Spanish Archer or P45 so to speak… so alien is this behaviour as I know it as business dealing are normally conducted in a warm, mellow, laid back, loving… cut throat kind of way…

George forgot the very basics which, are as follows… When you shake hands on a deal, drag your counterpart to your lawyer’s office before letting go of his hand… not having done so… ole George was out on his ear… Camco lost out I think?

Geo.Way had it sussed when it came to design… in all aspects… aesthetics and far more importantly.. the sound. This snare drum is a very desirable collectors piece and is a beautiful example of the Oaklawn IL badge. We have the matching kit.

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