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Canopus Vintage Snare Wires

In 1960, Ludwig and Slingerland manufactured what has now become the standard for good vintage wire. Several manufacturers have tried to re-produce the sound, but after years of research, we have replicated the Slingerland wire taking into several factors into account such as material, spiral diameter and pitch; we finally decided a core thickness of 0.5 mm and a spiral diameter of 1.35mm and a pitch of 3.4 mm.

In that process, we also found that end plate is another determinant of snare-wire’s sensitiveness and we have tried various end plates with different thickness’. We concluded that the thickness of 0.8mm is enough and optimal to hold the wires. We also decided to exclude the guiding grooves for snare strings and tapes while most of makers use such groove on end plates for more contact of with snare side head to get more sensitivity. Actually, these guiding grooves turned out to impair the sensitivity of the snare drum like tape muffling as a whole. But our end plate is so thin, it might cause breakage of strings and tapes.

Therefore, we resolve such problem by having the lapel at the holes on the end plate. With years of our careful analysis of the material composition, thickness of the end plate, shaping experiments and consideration for production, we have completed the CANOPUS Vintage Snare-wire.

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