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Hardcase Tom & Combo Cases

Hardcase Tom Cases

  • Hardcase Tom CasesTom Tom cases cover 8″ – 15″ hanging drums.
  • Designed to carry both standard and power size.
  • Carry handles and ultra strong straps.
  • Drums with Isolation / Suspension Mounting Systems* i.e. Rims and Optimounts are no problem for these cases.
  • All Tom cases have the unique hardcase stacking feature.
  • Telescopic lid design.

* Please Note – Drums utilising Suspension Mounting Systems will need to use the next applicable size case up from the actual drum diameter (applies to sizes 8″ up to 13″ only).

Sizing your cases info.

Hardcase Combo Cases

  • Hardcase Combo CasesTakes two Tom Toms in one case – one less case to carry.
  • Available for sizes 8″ and 10″ up to 14″ and 15″ diameter combinations.
  • Foam grip padded divider plate seperates drums to prevent damage.
  • HN13-14C will take two or three 14″ Snare Drums (subject to shell depth).
  • HN14-15C will take 14″ Floor Toms and round Throne Seat.
  • Telescopic lid design.

Sizing your cases info.


8″ Tom Case

Dim A: 335mm | Dim B: 271mm | Min Depth C: 203mm | Min Depth D: 254mm


 10″ Tom Case

Dim A: 356mm | Dim B: 313mm | Min Depth C: 191mm | Min Depth D: 317mm


 12″ Tom Case

Dim A: 408mm | Dim B: 360mm | Min Depth C: 216mm | Min Depth D: 343mm


 13″ Tom Case

Dim A: 448mm | Dim B: 399mm | Min Depth C: 216mm | Min Depth D: 368mm


 14″ Tom Case

Dim A: 497mm | Dim B: 439mm | Min Depth C: 254mm | Min Depth D: 356mm


15″ Tom Case

Dim A: 535mm | Dim B: 439mm | Min Depth C: 254mm | Min Depth D: 356mm


8″ & 10″ Combo

Dim A: 336mm | Dim B: 305mm | Min Depth C: 406mm | Min Depth D: 508mm


10″ & 12″ Combo

Dim A: 408mm | Dim B: 360mm | Min Depth C: 432mm | Min Depth D: 559mm


12″ & 13″ Combo

Dim A: 448mm | Dim B: 399mm | Min Depth C: 449mm | Min Depth D: 635mm


13″ & 14″ Combo

Dim A: 497mm | Dim B: 439mm | Min Depth C: 483mm | Min Depth D: 610mm


14″ & 15″ Combo

Dim A: 535mm | Dim B: 476mm | Min Depth C: 610mm | Min Depth D: 794mm