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Hardcase Gig Transporters

  • Hardcase Gig TransportersThere are two types of Gig Transporters available.
  • The Pack and Roll in sizes 28″, 36″ and 38″, and the Traps cases available in sizes 22″ and 31″.
  • Big carrying capacity saves time.
  • Ideal for PA, lighting, amps etc.
  • 4″ diameter ‘silent’ wheels fitted (4 of) to each unit.
  • Spring loaded heavy-duty metal handles at each end make lifting easy.
  • Lids now include the Hardcase Badge.
  • Can be stacked on top of each other.

Gig Transporter Types: 

Hardcase 22" Traps Gig Transporter

22″ Traps:

Length: 635mm; Width: 432mm; Height: 559mm; Max Load: 42kg






Hardcase 31" Traps Gig Transporter

31″ Traps:

Length: 635mm; Width: 432mm; Height: 787mm; Max Load: 53kg






Hardcase 28" Pack & Roll Gig Transporter

28″ Pack & Roll:

Length: 686mm; Width: 483mm; Height: 394mm; Max Load: 37kg






Hardcase 36" Pack & Roll Gig Transporter

36″ Pack & Roll:

Length: 902mm; Width: 521mm; Height: 724mm; Max Load: 85kg






Hardcase 38" Pack & Roll Gig Transporter38″ Pack & Roll:

Length: 953mm; Width: 597mm; Height: 597mm; Max Load: 85kg