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Canopus BTB – Tuning Rods With Bolt Tight

Resolve the cause of bolt loosening ! Oust the undesirable over-tone !! Radical sound change !!!

The Bolt Tight leather washer is specially processed from premium cow hide. It is highly acclaimed and the long-time choice of artists worldwide and by drum manufacturers here and abroad. BTB saves time fitting Bolt Tight on the bolt and can be easily installed on the drum by anyone.

Canopus BTB - Tuning Rods pre-fitted with Canopus Bolt Tight


BTB-35: Active length – 27mm, Bolt Length – 35mm.
BTB-42: Active length – 34mm, Bolt Length – 42mm.
BTB-52: Active length – 44mm, Bolt Length – 52mm.
BTB-65: Active length – 57mm, Bolt Length – 65mm.

Each pack of Canopus BTB tuning rods with pre-mounted Bolt Tight washers contains 20 pieces.

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