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Yard’s Tuning Tips & Tricks

Firstly tap test all heads to check for tonal quality before fitting!!!

Problem: The Bass Drum lacks power and punch

1) Try a new head such as the Coated Powerstroke 3, Clear Pinstripe or an Aquarian Super Kick
2) Alter the padding in the drum
3) Change the front head and cut a larger hole if you have one.

The Snare has too much ring

1) Tune the heads lower
2) Use part ‘O’ ring muffling
3) Try a Remo Coated CS reverse Dot or an Emperor

The Snare has too little ring

1) Tune the head higher
2) Use a thinner head such as Coated Diplomat or Ambassador
3) Try a different snare
4) Re-cut the bearing edges and snare bed

Problem: Snare Buzz with Toms

1) Check that the wires are flat,straight and centred
2) Loosen snare(bottom) head
3) Re-tune the tom
4) De-tune the 4 lugs either side of the wires and tighten the other 6 to compensate

Problem : The Toms growl

1) Check for even tension
2) Tune up (tighten) bottom head
3) Check heads for abnormal wear
4) Re-cut the bearing edges

Problem : Floor Tom ring

1) De-tune bottom head
2) Loosen batter head
3) Try a different head

Other remedies

1) Replace bottom heads at least once a year
2) Check bearing edges for dings when changing heads
3) Lubricate all metal parts

Cymbal cleaning using the Ginger Baker method:

Use soap & water to remove grime from the grooves with a soft brush and wipe the cymbal dry using a small amount of lighter fuel (Zippo from your bumbag)on a cloth.

Please Note: If you are under 50 years of age, please ask your parents to carry this out for you whilst wearing RayBans to conform to the latest EU Health & Safety Music Regulations 2006

The Steve Gadd/Andy Newmark Method:

“Clean them!!!!..What are you ….NUTS huh!!”?

If you fail to get your drum sounding great after trying  these tips……sling it and get a drum from us …otherwise….do us a favour and get yourself a guitar.