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My Little Visit To The Vintage DrumYard by David Bateman aged 14

(This is a post about the Vintage DrumYard that originally appeared on Mike Dolbear’s site.)

OK, well I’m obviously not 14 anymore, but visits like this tend to make me feel about that age again, which is nice as that was around the time I got interested in drums in the first place.

Vintage DrumYard - Full of Gear

The day started a little dubiously – drive 100 miles in potentially rotten weather (this was when it was snowing rather a lot) until I reach Clacton and then meet [celeb] drum tech Yard Gavrilovic at his place. Of course, what actually happened was quite straightforward in the end as I drove all the way to Clacton before I really encountered any snow at all and then got out of my car and got cold and wet. Typical really. I actually got there just after Clem Cattini and Paul Francis, as it happened they were also stopping by for a brief visit.

There are two sides to Yard’s business – hire and retail – both of which are pretty self explanatory. Most, if not all, of the gear you can see in the photos is available for hire and on top of drums and cymbals which are for hire, there are also drums, cymbals, cases, heads and spares available to buy. Some of the brands which are available include Remo, Zildjian, Canopus, Hardcase, Buzin, Aquarian and Pete Englehart percussion. The full list can be found on the link below.

Vintage Camco Drum Kit at the Vintage DrumYard

Anyway, the main thing about the DrumYard is the drums it has.

Yard has amassed a wonderful collection of drums which include some from Bobby Graham, Bob Henrit and Clyde Stubblefield. There”s also a vintage Slingerland Radio King kit, a Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl (a Beatles kit), a Hayman Gold Ingot, a red Trixon, WMP Camcos, several Premiers, several Rogers, a Sonor, and an Ajax amongst other things, all of which are in mint condition. Then you have the snare drums. I won”t go into detail, but there”s a great mix of vintage and modern available. You”ll get the idea from the photos.

Vintage Slingerland Radio King Drum Kit at the Vintage DrumYard

As mentioned, the DrumYard also has masses of spares on offer too, and again, you should get an idea of these from the photos, however, just a brief list of the sort of thing that”s there – snare wires, heads, sticks, Holz, stick holders, pads and loads more. There”s also some more cool stuff coming for 2011.

Mike told me before I went I’d enjoy myself and I did, but really, is that such a surprise? Lots more over at

Selection of Vintage & Classic Snares at the Vintage DrumYard

Enjoy the photos and video as much as I did doing them.

David Bateman (aged 29)
January 2011

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