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Drum Restoration

Mike Dolbear Bass Head
Our workshop is fully equipped and staffed not only by drummers but also fully qualified carpenters and joiners from our very own family so yes, you can accuse me of nepotism but, they are fully skilled, love drums and love me… what more can I offer?

Our services include:

Full Wraps – We can strip shells, fill redundant holes, patch,repair and wrap in a colour of your choice from our menu. We prefer to receive the whole drum with fittings and heads attached. If you prefer you may supply your own wrap? More info here.

Bearing Edges – We offer a re-cutting service as a last resort to any tuning issues where the drum head is not seating properly as it may be out of true. We can inspect and advise prior to any work being carried out. Prices here.

Shell Cutting – Dependent upon current hardware, please call to discuss. Prices here.

Hardware – We not only supply & fit hardware,offer a re-chroming service and also sell vintage hardware to suit when available? (please call)

Hoops – We sell replacement wooden hoops with or without inlay along with triple flanged hoops in a variety of sizes.

Terms – Restoration projects require a 50% deposit and balance due upon completion prior to shipping or upon collection.

Price List

Re-cutting of Bearing Edges:

6” – 10” Diameter Shell @ £18.00

12” – 15” Diameter Shell @ £25.00

16” – 20” Diameter Shell @ £30.00

22” – 26” Diameter Shell @ £34.00

28” – 30” Diameter Shell @ £38.00

Cutting of Snare Beds:

£30.00 per drum

Shell Depth Reduction:

6” – 16” Diameter Shell – £10.00 each

18” – 24” Diameter Shell – £15.00 each

26” – 32” Diameter Shell – £20.00 each